Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today we are one big sack of potatoes. It is 4:30 pm and we haven't left the house. The TV has been on more than I care to admit and half of us are still in pajamas, reading, blogging, taking baths/showers to break up the day, vacation planning, facebooking. And mostly sitting perfectly still.

We did our father's day thing this morning and then Jim was off to work to handle the never ending obligations and rogue surprises of not one, but two jobs. In the past week, I assembled three new pieces of Ikea furniture for the forthcoming au pair, helped Jim re-pack a gazillion boxes in time for the scheduled pick up, and spent a bunch of one-on-one time with India while Dayssi was at camp, in addition to working "full time," with only 18 hours of child care (plus playdates). Dayssi finished a week at horseback riding camp, and India has been chilling, playing with friends, hitting swim practice about 3 afternoons per week.

I meant to weigh and measure us monthly, for motivation. I haven't done it. Perhaps that explains why I'm flagging. Or, maybe I'm just worn out. Who gave me this boulder, and when do I get to stop rolling it up hill?

I don't feel great or even very good about this post, but the point of sharing our journey was to expose the truth of it. Confessing, like everything else that leads to something good, requires discipline. So there you have it.

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